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11 Dog-Friendly Wineries in MD & VA

If you’re a resident of Maryland or Virginia and love to take your dog out socializing even aside from your regular walks, dog-friendly wineries are becoming more commonplace and are a great way to go out and relax with your canine companion while you have a drink and spend time with friends.

Before taking your fur baby out to one of these locations, you’ll need to make sure you know about properly socializing your dog beforehand to avoid any behavioral issues or anxiety while out in public at one of these pet-friendly hot spots.

The Importance of Socializing Your Dog

No matter your dog’s age, one of the most important parts of serving as their pet parent is socializing your dog well. Socialization is much easier to do when your best bud is a puppy, and more mentally flexible when it comes to learning and accepting what you’ll be teaching them is “normal” in life. It’s also easier during the younger stages because they’re much smaller and easier to handle, unlike if you have an anxious large breed dog that happens to be nearly as big as you are! However, it’s still just as important to ensure that your dog is trained and exposed to a lot, even if you adopt a full-grown adult. It may not be as easy to socialize them at an older age, but it’s still very possible.

Some of the most common ways you can help socialize your furry friend and make them more relaxed around people, public places, and other animals include the following:

  • Taking them on walks regularly

  • Exposing them to a wide variety of other humans (different ages, personalities, etc.)

  • Enrolling them in a training class or two

  • Allowing them to have doggy daycare visits on a frequent basis

  • Making a visit to the local dog park

When initially trying to socialize a puppy, you should always remain cautious and stay calm so your little fur baby learns that interactions with new people, dogs, and even other unfamiliar animals are a positive thing. It’s also a good idea to carry along some of your pup’s preferred treats to reward them for responding appropriately and acting friendly with other pets or strangers.

For older dogs or rescues that have been adopted but have had no previous experience with being socialized, teaching them to not be anxious or to get along well with unusual pets or people may not be so easy. In these cases, be patient and work your way through small interactions and experiences to larger and more overwhelming stimuli. Make sure you reward your beloved companion for reacting with friendliness and displaying the desired behaviors you’d like to see them have when out in public. However, when it comes to teaching older dogs “new tricks,” be sure to provide plenty of breaks to avoid having them become overstimulated and potentially setting off any behavioral issues. Many dogs that are rescue cases or have been rehomed a lot may struggle with certain behavioral concerns associated with their previous situation or home, so take socialization slowly and steadily with these particular canines.

If your dog is likely to have genetic predispositions to possessive behaviors or aggression or is otherwise struggling with behavioral issues—such as if they’ve been rescued from a difficult situation and are having trouble adjusting to new places, people, or animals—it’s strongly recommended that you consult with your pup’s veterinarian regarding references for trustworthy canine behavioral specialists in your area. These specialists are glad to help anxious or aggressive dogs overcome their behavioral issues to ensure a happy life. And, again, be patient with dogs that are older and have to learn all new rules and manners of behaving in a world that they’ve already lived multiple years of their lives in so far. New socialization attempts can take these particular dogs a bit longer to pick up on if they’ve already been trained or have been behaving a certain way in social situations for most of their lives.

Whenever you take your dog—regardless of age—out in public, it’s your responsibility as their pet parent to remain vigilant regarding making any outings a positive experience for your dog and following their cues that may indicate anxiety or overstimulation. When bringing your canine companion into a place of business, such as one of the following wineries, the responsibility you have is especially important. Always be sure your dog is well-prepared and mentally ready to go socialize in a busy, crowded, and loud environment.

6 Dog-Friendly Wineries in Maryland

Here are six dog-friendly wineries in Maryland. Be sure to check their websites before you go to ensure there have been no recent policy changes that may impact the allowance of pets in their vicinities.

Chesapeake Wine Company

Chesapeake Wine Company is a winery located in Baltimore that prides itself on providing its visitors with locally sourced products, ranging from meats to cheeses to flowers. In addition to wine, they also serve beer and spirits for any guests who accompany you who may want something different to drink. With live music and a fantastic bar menu, this is a great pet-friendly location for those wanting to wine and dine or simply kick back and have a drink.

Location: 2400 Boston Street #112 Baltimore, MD 21224 (410) 522-4556

Great Frogs

With both indoor and outdoor seating available, Great Frogs is a dog-friendly winery for all pet parents of pups as long as they are leashed and well-behaved. It should go without saying that pet parents are also responsible for cleaning up any messes their fur babies make while out at this winery, too. Great Frogs has both indoor and outdoor seating at their venue, and the company has won numerous awards for its high-quality wines over the years.

Location: 3218 Harness Creek Road Annapolis, MD 21403 (410) 626-6193

Linganore Winecellars

This family-operated winery and vineyard is a beautiful location to try some of the Linganore-brand fruit wines in addition to their classic grape wines. This winery has an impressive history of innovation from 1971 to the present. If you’re looking for a fun and interesting winery to relax at and sip some new favorites, this pet-friendly location is open 361 days a year.

Location: 13601 Glissans Mill Road Mt. Airy, MD 21771 (410) 975-6432

Old Westminster

Although you’ll need to make reservations for your brunch, wine tasting, or other meals, the beautiful venue at Old Westminster is absolutely worth it. Their locally sourced ingredients, delicious pizzas, live music, and an amazing assortment of wines produced right there in Maryland make your outing to Old Westminster one you won’t soon forget. Being pet-friendly as well, your beloved fur baby can join you at one of the many different outdoor seating areas available to make your lunch or brunch even more memorable.

Location: 1550 Old Westminster Rd. Westminster, MD 21157 (410) 881-4656

Penn Oaks Winery

This family-owned winery is a perfect match for fans of German Rieslings. Open to walk-ins, this winery is convenient for those just wanting to stop by with a couple of friends for a taste of something delicious. This winery doesn’t even mind if you bring some of your own food to enjoy while drinking one of its wines! However, larger groups will still need to make reservations like many other venues require. Penn Oaks Winery is pet-friendly, but pet parents are responsible for cleaning up after their canines and keeping them leashed at all times. Although the venue has no problem with leashed pets remaining outdoors with their families, they are not allowed inside the winery.

Location: 14607 Riggs Meadow Dr. Cooksville, MD 21723 (301) 562-8592

The Wine Collective

If you like old-world-style vermouth and wine, The Wine Collective is a great dog-friendly winery to visit for a taste of the Iberian Peninsula. Serving as Baltimore’s first urban winery, this venue comes with a strong reputation for quality wines and delicious food. You can learn about their winemaking process, enjoy their tasting room and wine bar, or grab a snack at their Pintxos Bar, which provides customers with locally sourced produce, charcuterie options, cheeses, and Iberian tinned fish. If you choose to enjoy some of their outdoor seating while savoring their unique menu, your pup will be welcome to accompany you as well.

Location: 1700 W 41st St., Ste. 490 Baltimore, MD 21211 (443) 869-5172

5 Dog-Friendly Wineries in Virginia

Here are five dog-friendly wineries in Virginia. Be sure to check their websites before you go to ensure there have been no recent policy changes that may impact the allowance of pets in their vicinities.

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn

This winery, with its first-come, first-served seating, is a lovely venue that allows pet parents to bring their dogs both indoors and outside with them. As long as your companion is well-behaved, leashed, and doesn’t get up on the winery’s furniture, you can spend as much time as you’d like enjoying Aspen Dale’s wines and snacks. Patrons are welcome to interact with the farm animals present, and this venue guarantees a laidback and enjoyable experience.

Location: 3180 Aspen Dale Lane Delaplane, VA 20144 (540) 364-1722

*GPS Address: 11083 John Marshall Hwy

8 Chains North Winery

If you’re a pet parent, you won’t be disappointed when bringing your fur baby to tag along to this winery that has declared itself “one of the most dog-friendly wineries in Northern Virginia.” As long as your canine is leashed and well-behaved, 8 Chains North Winery gladly welcomes all dogs into their tasting room as well as out in their patio seating area. Even more impressive, they have their very own off-leash dog park on-location for pet parents to enjoy their favorite wines while their pooches have an absolute blast.

Location: 38593 Daymont Ln. Waterford, VA 20197 (571) 439-2255

Barrel Oak Winery

With tasting bars open seven days a week, Barrel Oak Winery is an incredibly friendly and fun environment to bring your pup and the whole family. This venue allows you to bring your own food, simply check out their Friday food truck events, or have some of their Nomini Bay oysters or wood-fired pizzas on the weekends. They also offer curbside pickup as well as take-home discounts for their wines, so you can bring your pup out with you to enjoy the winery itself or simply grab something delicious to have a cozy night in.

Location: 3623 Grove Lane Delaplane, VA 20144 (540) 364-6402

Chateau Morrissette Winery

This winery allows pet parents to bring their sweet pups with them, whether they plan to spend their visit on the patio, in one of the gazebos, or out in the winery’s courtyard. Dogs are a huge part of the Chateau Morrissette Winery’s history, so they aim to be as dog-friendly as possible. Although their restaurant is still closed due to the impact of Covid, the winery is most certainly open and thriving, and they still provide some other assorted foods and meals on the weekends.

Location: 291 Winery Road SW Floyd, VA 24091 (540) 593-2865

Stone Tower Winery

At Stone Tower Winery, pet parents are welcome to bring their dogs alongside to enjoy the outdoor seating, ample lawns, and even the seating set up inside of their barn. With tours, tastings, and even an on-site library, this winery has a little bit of something for everyone. Their tasting room has strict rules regarding age limits, but their Harvest Barn is family-friendly and great for those who won’t be visiting with just their pups in tow.

Location: 19925 Hogback Mountain Rd. Leesburg, VA 20175 (703) 777-2797


As mentioned before, you should always properly socialize your dog or puppy before bringing them with you to certain public outdoor venues. For those who have pets that just naturally love a fun adventure around new and different places and people, we hope that our compilation of dog-friendly wineries for those living in Maryland and Virginia has provided you and your pup with plenty of more new outing ideas.

For pet parents who adore their canine companions but want to check out these venues before bringing their pup along with them, we here at Wanderpups offer a variety of services, such as walking or checking in on your pets if you plan to be away for a few hours or even longer. We’re here to make sure that your beloved pet remains perfectly okay in your absence, providing you with peace of mind before your next pup-in-tow adventure.

If you need a little help while you’re away, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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