Keeping Your Pup Active Indoors During the Winter Months

With the long winter months right around the corner, you and your pet may start experiencing some cabin fever. Because of that, it’s important to have several indoor activities you can use to keep your dog up and moving when the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor exercise.

1. Utilize flights of stairs – Having your dog walk up and down some steps for several minutes is a fast, easy way to let them burn off some of that untapped energy.

2. Walk the hallways – If you live in apartment building or have a long hallway or big room in your house, take your dog on a pretend “walk” for 10-20 minutes.

3. Play ball – Does your dog love playing fetch? Use the hallways in your apartment or home as a place for you to throw the ball for your pup. Although it’s not the same as playing in the park, it’ll get their bodies moving.

4. Group play classes – Look into group play classes in your area where your dog can get out of the house on those cold winter days where they can romp around with some other furry friends. The popular social site MeetUp has several options and locations for you to choose from.

5. Play hide-and-seek – Hide your dog’s favorite toys or treats around a room or house for them to walk around and find. Or, for another twist, you can hide and call for your dog to run around the house until they find you.

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