Fall Fun for Fidos: Dos and Don'ts

With the air crisping up as much as the apples, it’s time to have some fall fun with your best pet friend! Check out these fun Do’s and simple Don’ts for the fall season.

DO: Share a little Pumpkin – Pumpkin can be a nutritious treat for most dogs, in limited quantities. What better way to celebrate the season!

DO: Let your pup explore piles of leaves – This is not only cute, but can help satisfy curiosity and provide for a tired, happy pup.

DON’T: Leave your pup out in the cold alone for too long – The rule of thumb is if you’re cold, so are they. The flip side to this is…

DON’T: Forget to monitor their clothing! If you put sweaters on your pups, remember that this time of year in DC can often be warm during the days and cool in the evenings. Let your walker know if you prefer they wear certain attire, but keep a close eye on hot or itchy pups.

DO: Go Leaf Peeping – It’s the perfect time of year to check out the vibrant leaves, and dogs will love to accompany you on hikes to see the leaves

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