Thanksgiving Dos & Don’ts for Dogs

It’s Thanksgiving! We at Wanderpups are thankful for you and your furry friends.
A few reminders as we gather together around the Thanksgiving table:
Do: Cranberry Sauce - Cranberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins that are great for your pup. A small portion can keep the sugar content down.
Do: Pumpkin - Plain, cut, cooked pieces of pumpkin are a pawsome treat for pups. The smooth and colorful food is often used as a digestive aid for dogs with tummy troubles.
Don’t: Rolls - The yeast from dinner rolls and other breads at your Thanksgiving meal can lead to uncomfortable gas for your dog, and severe smells for the rest of your guests.
Do: TURKEY! - Dogs and cats can have some turkey. Sprinkle it on their food bowls and say thanks to your purrrfect pets! :)
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