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Washington, DC

(Capitol Hill & other neighborhoods in NE, SE)


We are committed to providing valuable content to help inform pet owners and, in turn, enrich the lives of cats and dogs.  Also, cute dogs and cats doing their thing!

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Melonie started Wanderpups in 2013 as a side hustle.  Like many of us, sitting in an office staring at a computer all day was crushing her soul.  Walking dogs was the opposite of cube life so she got a business license, ordered some business cards and figured out how to build a website.  Wiuthin a few weeks she had her first client. Within a year, she had taken at least 10 million steps, walked dozens of dogs and hired her first dog walker.  Wanderpups has continued to grow since then, and has been recognized by the City Paper and the Washingtonian year after year for excellence in pet care.

Melonie has a military background and brings organizational, communication and leadership skills she learned as a logistics officer to the company.  Wanderpups is built on transparency, accountability, integrity and compassion. She believes if you approach everything with these four pillars in mind, you cannot go wrong.


She has a masters in canine science, is a certified (but not a practicing)
trainer and loves educating and helping dogs and their people live better together.  



Head of Security

Jax is a terrier mix that looks like a cartoon dog. He was rescued from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. Mel found his scruffy little face on Petfinder and his rescue organization drove him up to DC a few weeks later. He enjoys barking relentlessly  at the fence, rolling in dead worms, and begging for human food as if he has been starved his whole life (he hasn't).

Jax is the original Wanderpup! Follow him and all the wanderpups on IG: @wanderpupsdc


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