Our team is  growing and we are always looking for responsible, professional and compassionate dog walkers and pet sitters.


Are you reliable, responsible and hard working? Are you a great communicator and problem solver with strong attention to detail? Most importantly, are you passionate about animals? If so, YOU should come work with US! Wanderpups is a growing company that is always looking for reliable, compassionate people who share our values. 


We are currently hiring mid-day dog walkers!!

Our team members come from all walks of life.  Most have independent businesses themselves or have freelance jobs like writing and graphic design so have flexible schedules.  We've also got full-time students, retired folks and those setting the foundation for careers in the pet industry.


This job is ideal if you:

- Are a stay-at-home mom or dad and your kids are in school during the day

- Do freelance or project work and have a flexible schedule

- Have another part-time job in the evening like bartending or catering

- Are a student with a consistent availability during the day

- Are retired and want an excuse to hang out with some cool pups

-Work in the service industry so you understand customer service and you have daytime availability


Fill out the form below if you are interested in applying.  We look forward to hearing from you!