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Charity and Giving Back

We are rooted in animal advocacy and are passionate about giving back to the community.


We donate a portion of our proceeds to local pet charities each month, and we volunteer time and resources to local shelters and rescue organizations. 

100% Transparency

Education and Enrichment

Dogs are intrinsic to our culture and play a huge role in our day-to-day lives.  We owe it to them and to ourselves to learn how to give them the best lives possible.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there, though, so Wanderpups is committed to helping navigate through the mayhem to give your dogs the best lives possible.  Follow us @wanderpupsdc to learn more about your dog and easy ways to enrich your dog's life.  Also for cute dog pics, obviously!

We think it's a pretty big deal that we have access to your house and are responsible for your pets.  That's why we are 100% transparent.  All services are time stamped and GPS tracked.  Clients receive real-time notifications when services are complete along with a service summary.  Our management team tracks all communication through our messaging system and is available all day to provide customer support.


Dog Walks

Cat Visits

Pet Sitting

We no longer offer this service.

House Checks

We will check your mail, bring in packages, water plants, adjust lights while you and your pets are away.

$20 per check

Mid-day dog walks while you're working are our main thing.  We walk in small groups--never large packs.

15-min: $20

30-min: $24

45-min: $35

60-min: $48

*Solo walks available for add'l fee

*This is our pricing for our recurring walkers

Cat visits include clean litter box, food, water, meds if needed. Choose from morning and/or evening visits or a daily anytime visit.


Anytime (8am-8pm): $20

Morning/Evening Window: $25


Anytime (8am-8pm): $25

Morning/Evening Window: $30


Advanced Tech 

We use an advanced dog walking and pet sitting software that handles all of your dog walking and pet sitting needs--a central place for all messaging, scheduling, invoicing, and much more.  

Easy Online Scheduling

Simply use our client portal to schedule all services online.  Even better, sign up for a recurring template that will guarantee availability for your requested dates and times, and will automatically renew each month. 

Daily Summary/Reports

Our dog walkers and pet sitters use an app that is connected to our software.  They check in and out of each service and our clients receive an email notification upon completion of each service.  Along with the notification, they will send a summary and photos.

Time-Stamped &

GPS Tracked

We time stamp each service and use GPS to track walks so you know exactly where and when your pet walked and to ensure 100% accountability. 

No Large Pack Walks

We believe all animals are unique and their walk should be a positive experience where they can choose their own path.  We walk in small groups and we ensure that all dogs are matched with dogs of similar energy levels.  Solo walks are available upon request as well.  Just ask. 

Multiple-Pet Discount

More than one dog per house household?  Have a short-term guest or foster?  Just let us know the details and we can add them for just $5 per household per dog.



The owner of Wanderpups isn't just a business owner, but goes above and beyond to learn her trade.  She is a certified trainer and has a masters degree in canine science.

Wanderpups is a fully licensed business in Washington, DC.  Wanderpups is also fully insured to ensure your dog is covered if an accident were to occur while in our care.  We are also fully bonded, which protects anything and everything in your house if it were to accidentally get damaged during a visit. 

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Veteran & Woman Owned

We Know Dogs

Simply the Best


Wanderpups is owned by a female veteran.  Mel served several years on active duty and is now a Major in the Air Force Reserves.  She relies on much of her military leadership experience in running her company, and  brings an unmatched work ethic, giving her clients the best experience possible. 

We have been voted Best of DC since 2018 by City Paper.  2019 and 2020 Washingtonian Magazine named us best in dog walkers in DC.

We are available when you can't be.

WHAT Our Clients are SAYing

We've used Wanderpups 2x a week (at least) since we moved into the city two years ago, and we couldn't be happier.  Our walker Bernadette is amazing and very communicative.  She is prompt, trustworthy, and our dog LOVES her.  We live a few blocks away from each other, so we often see Bernadette at night/on the weekends and our dog goes absolutely nuts with excitement whenever she sees her.  We've had several instances where we have had to request last-minute dog walks due to our dog getting sick, and Wanderpups has always been able to accommodate us.  The online scheduling tool is extremely easy to use as well.  In short, we highly recommend Wanderpups!

-Molly E.

Additional reviews available on Yelp.

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COVID Protocol

Luckily, dog walking is an outdoor activity, so we've been able to stay open throughout the pandemic.  We are taking extra caution to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.  Many of our clients are working from home, but still need their dogs walked.  Our dog walkers can send a message when they are on the way and you can have your dog ready to meet them at the door so no one has to enter your home.  We can adjust to any special instructions you may have.  We also ask to keep doggie equipment like leashes and harnesses as close to the door as possible so we don't have to spend extra time in your home for those that can't meet us at the door.  

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