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The Best Dog Parks to Enjoy in Northeast & Southeast DC

Dog parks are a vital asset to any community. They give pets a safe space to exercise and roam freely, socialize with other animals, and provide pet parents a chance to be physically active while bonding with their four-legged friends. The exercise and socialization opportunities that dog parks offer, especially in big cities like Washington, DC, are crucial for the continued physical and mental well-being of pets and their humans.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of our favorite dog parks in Northeast and Southeast DC, along with some dos and don'ts to remember when you explore Washington DC's best dog parks.

Dog Park Dos and Don'ts

Before you even consider bringing your pet to a local dog park, you want to be sure that you and your pooch will follow the rules of the dog park you are visiting and that the two of you are fully prepared to practice proper dog park etiquette.

Here are some things to do (and not do) at the dog park:

  • DO be sure that you can control your dog at all times and that they always come to you when called.

  • DON'T take puppies to the dog park. They can be harder to control and may be unpredictable. Please wait until the dog is at least six months old and socialized adequately before bringing them to the park.

  • DO have all of your dog's vaccinations up to date, and make sure they are flea, tick, and heartworm protected.

  • DON'T bring a dog in heat or coming into season to the dog park.

  • DO remain alert while at the park, and be mindful of other dogs around you.

  • DON'T forget to bring along some water. Even though many dog parks have water available on-site, facilities may only sometimes work properly.

  • DO clean up after your dog.

  • DON'T bring a dog showing signs of any illness to the dog park.

Now that you have the proper dog park etiquette, it's time to introduce you and your pooch to some of our favorite DC Metro dog parks.

Our Favorite Northeast DC Dog Parks

3rd & L St. NE, Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 378-8047

Hours: 7 am – 9 pm

Cost: Free

Just a short walk from Union Station, Swampdoodle Dog Park & Playground is a small, well-kept park that packs a punch! There's plenty of room for doggies to play inside a closed, safe space with AstroTurf and cool elevation changes. Swampdoodle Park features an array of fun obstacles for your pup to enjoy and doggie water fountains.

Kingsman Academy Public Charter School, D St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 715-3879

Hours: 7 am – 8:30 pm

Cost: Free

Kingsman Field is a large dog park with two sections separating smaller dogs from larger dogs. Kingsman Field is one of the city's most active dog parks, so your pup will likely have many opportunities to socialize and make friends. Because Kingsman Field is a dirt and gravel park, it can get messy after the rain. However, there is a hose on site that you can use to clean off your pup if they get dirty.

Alethia Tanner Park, 227 Harry Thomas Way NE, Washington, DC 20002

Hours: 7 am – 9 pm

Cost: Free

Eckington Dog Park, located within Alethia Tanner Park, offers green turf (to keep pups from getting dirty), flat gray boulders for dogs to climb, and benches for pet parents. The park is well-maintained and cleaned regularly. The park and its maintenance are made possible through community donations.

Our Favorite Southeast DC Dog Parks

901 Virginia Avenue S, Washington, DC 20003

Phone: (202) 673-7647

Hours: 7 am – 7 pm

Cost: Free

The Virginia Avenue Dog Park is a volunteer-run, community-funded dog park between Navy Yard and Capitol Hill. The Virginia Avenue Dog Park is the largest in Washington, DC, so there is always plenty of room for pooches to run and play. The park features an extra fine gravel surface, free poop bags, doggy water fountains, and separate areas for large and small dogs.

101 H St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Hours: 24/7

Cost: Free

Navy Yard Dog Park (aka Bark & Go Park) is the Capitol Riverfront's neighborhood dog park, located at the corner of H Street SE and New Jersey Ave. This 3,000-square-foot fenced-in dog park features a gravel play area with lots of room for running and benches for pup parents. Its proximity to a major highway means it can be pretty loud sometimes, so keep this in mind if your pooch is particularly skittish.

Lansburgh Dog Park

Lansburgh Park, 95 M St SW, Washington, DC 20024

Phone: (202) 554-8560

Hours: 7 am – 7 pm

Cost: Free

Lansburgh Dog Park is close to the Waterfront Metro and is easily accessible by public transportation. The park features two fenced-in dog areas for different-sized dogs with access to doggy water fountains, poop bags, gravel dog runs, benches for pet parents, and plenty of shade.

Harnessing the Power of the Dog Park

As we mentioned, these great dog parks are crucial to Washington, DC pets' overall health and well-being. They provide spaces where pups can get outside, run, play, and sniff leash-free. If your busy schedule prevents you and your pup from getting to the dog park or your pooch needs more personalized care, contact Wanderpups today to learn more about our dog walking services.


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