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Dog Walkers are not responsible for socializing your dog

We get lots of requests from new clients to help socialize their dog by adding them to group walks. The answer from us is always a big no and here's why:

1) it is NOT possible to socialize a dog after four months of age. The socialization period lasts until 16 weeks and that is IT. That's why it is so important (if you have your dog at that age) to get them responsibly exposed to lots of new stimuli, especially anything you want them to be ok with. Scooters, children, busy city streets, etc. Get your dog used to all of these things. It's your responsibility to ensure all interactions are POSITIVE. Negative or traumatic experiences for a dog at this age can cause long term trauma or fear that is really really hard to overcome. Not impossible, but difficult.

2) We are dog walkers and not trainers. It is our responsibility to walk your dog, let them use the bathroom, give them some interaction outside of your couch, and keep them safe. It is not our responsibility to train your dog, to reinforce behaviors, to introduce your reactive dog to other dogs to help them get used to other dogs. My team loves dogs. We are not trainers and behaviorists. There are training companies who offer training walks and their rates look very different from ours.

If your dog is reactive, or even just very dog selective, book solo walks with your dog walker. Do not put your dog, other dogs, or your dog walker in a stressful or unsafe situation because you want your dog to like other dogs. Or to save a buck.


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