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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

When you schedule your weekly dog walks while you are working, or reserve cat care while you travel, sometimes the last thing on your mind as you go about your workday or pack for your vacation is preparing for the sitter or walker who will be there to take care of your pets!

Keep this information close at hand when planning for your next pet sitting or dog walking session with us. Make your reservations ahead of time to ensure that we have enough availability and you have time to prepare. Let's dive right into this checklist: the five ways to help your dog walker or pet sitter!

Health – Nutrition – Behaviour!

You should address food, medicines, and other health conditions to your pet sitter to care for your pet properly.

  • Have you seen any changes in your pet's nutritional needs? Make changes to your pet's information in your Client Portal.

  • What medications does your pet take that you believe we should be aware of so that we may include this information in their Time to Pet profile?

  • Recent changes in your pet's behavior? Have you noticed anything unusual about your pet? What is the current health status of your pet? Make sure to include it in your profile.

Before your pet sitter comes, tidy up your dog's waste and clean the cat's litter box

So you want to help your dog walker or pet sitter. One way to do this is by cleaning up. It is best to clean up your dog's waste and your cat's litter box before your pet sitter comes to walk or care for them.

What exactly is the big deal? While you're gone, we can keep an eye on your pet's health and track his bowel movements/wellness. This allows the sitter to inform you as the pet parent of any follow-up care that may be necessary once you return.

Here at Wanderpups, we take your pet's health and wellness seriously and will always inform you of any concerns we may have.

Prepare and have supplies on hand for your pet sitter or dog walker

Another way to prepare for your dog walker or pet sitter is to ensure items needed to care for your pet are easily found and accessible. For example:

  • Make sure your dog's leash and harness are hanging by the door, ready for a walk.

  • Ensure the cat's litter box is free of litter before the sitter arrives.

  • Ensure the fish tank or caged animals are clean and free of debris.

During the pet sitter's visit, make sure there is an excess of supplies essential for your pet, including but not limited to the following:

  • Check the cat litter, bags, food, and treats to ensure they are all in working order.

  • If there are any hygiene incidents, make sure the sitter has plenty of cleaning supplies and paper towels.

  • Make certain that your pet's medication supply will last for the length of the stay by checking with your vet. Please place your purchase before handing over your pet if you believe you may need more medication.

  • Inform your pet sitter of the location of all necessities, including food, snacks, collar, leash, and pet-safe cleaning supplies, so that they can prepare accordingly.

  • In the case of an emergency, inform the pet sitter about your travel itinerary or where to find you so that they can easily cope with the situation.

Inform your pet sitter about any unique situation that may arise

  • Is there anything wrong in your house or outside your home right now?

  • Have you checked to see whether your keyless entry system has new batteries?

  • Who will have access to your house during the pet sitter's visitation? Is it necessary to provide your sitter with pertinent details, such as who and when?

Yes, we know this is a lot of information. However, it is helpful so that your walker or sitter can feel comfortable and prepared when coming over! Inform your sitter if anybody is able to access your home during the period of the reservation so that they can feel safe. This can be family members, house cleaning services, or even neighbors.

If your pet wears an identification tag or has a microchip, be sure it is up-to-date.

You should verify that your mailing address and phone number are valid by calling the microchip business that your pet is registered with.

Your pet's identification tag should be up-to-date, and your dog should be wearing a required city license tag as well.

Wanderpups has you covered!

We just reviewed 5 things you need to know before handing your pets to a cat sitter or dog walker. From having supplies available to informing your dog walker or pet sitter about behavior, medical needs, and all the unique details about your pet, you can help them provide the best care possible.

Wanderpups is a professional and experienced dog walking and cat sitting service in the DC Metro area. Animal advocacy has always been and will always be the driving force behind our work. When you join us for a walk, we contribute a percentage of the proceeds to a local rescue group.

To give back when you have so little time and money is difficult, but this is our method of making a difference. You may contact us to request a service and book online today.

We look forward to serving you and your pets! We have got you covered if you live in NE or SE Washington, DC. Currently, we are operating in Capitol Hill, H St/Atlas District, NoMa, Trinidad, and Navy Yard.


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